Why Lyon

We help families reshape their homes in order to better live the way they want to live! We create relationships with clients, help them realize their visions, complete their projects efficiently, and leave them with a newly remodeled home they can be proud of.

We won't tell you what your home should look like or what traditions you should follow. Instead, we'll work with you and your family to create a beautiful design that fits your lifestyle. 

Our philosophy is based on three major components:

  1. Participatory communications with our clients in a team environment.
  2. Quality, lasting design and craftsmanship that is responsive to environmental issues.
  3. Unique and beautiful projects through professional construction services on time and on budget.

Our goal is to design and create beautiful, warm living spaces with innovative products and techniques, in a cooperative fashion with team members. We guide our customers through complex and detailed projects with a smooth process and a considerate manner.

We offer prompt, efficient service and immediate responses to calls and questions, while providing attention to detail for all projects -- big and small. We inconvenience our customers as little as possible, seeking to create inspired designs by engaging true craftsmen and artisans who are experienced in their trade and motivated to help put together beautiful projects.


To design and create beautiful, stylish, soulful home living spaces while achieving exceptional customer satisfaction. 


  • To create a best-in-region company combining innovative designers, expert craftsman and artisans, skilled production staff, and motivated support personnel all with the same goal: beautiful projects, unique and innovative designs and materials, and top-rated customer support and service.
  • To create unique and expressive projects reflecting customers' visions and values while maintaining the historical accuracy and integrity of their homes.
  • To achieve exceptional customer satisfaction through constructive, communicative relationships, and to consistently meet or exceed quality and production expectations. 

Who Are Our Clients?

Our typical clients share the following characteristics: 

Home Ownership:

Our clients love their homes and take pride in them. They want to increase the value of their investment and need to improve the functionality of their homes through appropriate and well-considered modifications. 


They have specific acute issues forcing them into action, are very motivated to act, and have been planning for a while. They expect communication, cleanliness, and clarity in the process. 


Our clients are typically loyal and trusting, open to new ideas but able to make quick decisions. They appreciate professional assistance and are willing to hire the right help for the task at hand. They are often business or creative professionals interested in and willing to appropriately invest in higher quality, long-lasting, creative designs.


They also have collected ideas and pictures, have stated specific needs and desires, and have an idea of cost and a financial plan for their project. They know what quality work looks like and can identify what quality of work they expect.

In short -- they're proud of their homes, motivated to act, looking for professional help, and have an idea of their investment and project details to begin the discussion.


 Love, love, love it - our green kitchen remodel will make an enormous difference.  

~J. & E. F., South Plaza, Kansas City, MO