Seasonal Tips


The living is easy indeed -- but don't forget to complete a few tasks around the home. Watering the lawn is in order this time of year. When doing so, be sure to direct sprinkler heads away from the house. You don't want water directly hitting the siding, windows, or foundation! While outside, it would be smart to pay attention to the following exterior house items too:

  • Check the condition of exterior surfaces. Touch up any areas that need paint before they deteriorate. Inspect bricks and concrete for cracked mortar or loose joints and repair.
  • Inspect grading around the house to be sure water drains away from the foundation on all sides. If water pools near the house, you could have some seepage to the interior and a wet basement, damaged wood framing or sheetrock, and even mold in the basement space. 
  • Check your inside and outside foundation walls and piers for termite tubes and deteriorated or soft wood. 


What's one of the quickest and least expensive ways to give your home a fresh look while being easy on the environment and your pocketbook? Clean your windows, inside and out. You will be amazed at how much vibrancy such a simple task adds to the life of your home. And while you are on the ladder, take advantage of the opportunity to check window caulking, sealing, and weather-stripping. If repairing needs to be done, do it now so you won't be wasting energy and money cooling the outdoors in August.


 Love, love, love it - our green kitchen remodel will make an enormous difference.  

~J. & E. F., South Plaza, Kansas City, MO