"Designing and creating stylish, soulful living spaces is the very essence of our company's being." -- Clay Lyon

A company led by someone possessing an artist's soul and an engineer/mathematician's mind might provide for an occasional glimpse of his internal conflict, but it results in a design concept of artistic beauty, sound engineering, and practical functionality.  

Here's what to expect throughout our design effort -- a logical and clear, progressive set of tasks created to feed from one to the next, all with the final goal in mind: a beautiful finished project for your home and family:

Initial Consultation: Discuss your priorities, project investment, and timeline.

Design/Remodel Agreement: Agreement includes a budget range for the project, our timeline, and the preliminary scope of the work. It also defines the design steps listed here.

Design Work: Agreement includes measuring space, creating layout(s), product selection "field trips," presentation of any drawings, and revisions if included. Design could include two separate steps, depending on complexity of the project:

  1. Schematic Drawings: General project site layout, floor plans, and other sketches and information created to arrive at the project's approximate look and feel, the scope of the work, and its preliminary cost.
  2. Design Development: Detailed descriptions of products, elevations of surfaces, and refined scope of work created to finalize the look and feel of all project components.

Final Decisions: After design presentation and agreement, complete the final product and design decisions.

Construction Agreement: We'll create a Construction Agreement containing all of the detailed information from the design work.

Pre-Construction Meeting and Construction: We'll meet one last time before project commencement to review the agreement and details, and assign a start date!


 Thanks (Lyon Construction+Design)! Your Project Manager did an excellent job. I appreciate the way he stayed on the job until he finished. He is a very well organized man - a real pro! 

~B. B., Overland Park, KS