Project Standards


  • Safety on the jobsite is not an option.  All conduct will follow safe and approved building practices. 
  • All workers will conduct themselves professionally, and wear appropriate attire at all times.
  • All applicable building codes shall be followed. Trade contractors are responsible for obtaining their trade-specific building permits.
  • Trade contractor will be licensed for business, maintain appropriate business liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance, and provide General Contractor with copy of coverage. 
  • Onsite workers suspected of being under the influence will be permanently removed from project.


  • Dust containment – Always install plastic barriers between worksite and balance of home when creating dust.
  • Never leave any debris for the owner to clean up in their home.
  • Always cover the client’s rugs, hardwoods, furniture, thresholds, and property with tarps!  Never work directly on any exposed floor, walk, drive, or yard.  Protect all areas of work with tarps.  All work shoes shall only walk on tarps or craft paper and NOT on client’s carpet, rug, hardwood flooring, or other surface.
  • Trade contractor will provide tarps, or be charged for supply & cleaning of Lyon Construction+Design tarps. Protect all new equipment, fixtures, and products being installed, and clean off and protect after installation.
  • Entire work area will be swept or vacuumed at completion of work. Work areas within finished and occupied area of residence will be thoroughly cleaned. Trash and debris created by trade contractors is removed from worksite daily.

Project Management

  • Projects will be completed in an efficient manner within a minimum number of days in order to inconvenience our client as little as possible. Trade contractor will not roll on and off the project in order to complete other projects – once started, our current project will remain staffed until completed.
  • Trade contractors will alert the GC immediately if work is delayed and affects original completion estimate, and regarding ANY change in scope of work before initiating that work.
  • Trade contractor will follow specific instructions in Trade Contractor Agreement, along with general project standards - including the provisions on this page.
  • Trade contractor are responsible for and must install all materials, products, supplies, fixtures, and/or items following manufacturer’s recommendations. 
  • All trade contractor work will be warranted by trade contractor for a period not less than one year.
  • Trade contractor will relay any and all project details to their onsite employees, and will meet and line out employees at start of job.
  • Trade contractors will store materials in a location designated by the GC.
  • Trade contractors will ask the GC if use of a client’s restroom is allowed – or go offsite.
  • Other homeowner property is strictly off limits to trade contractors, including tools, phone, and other materials.

Bottom Line

  • Remember, our clients expect excellent service! Let’s exceed their expectations this time and every time. Help us by anticipating their needs, and offering Lyon Construction+Design suggestions on how to improve our work!

 Love, love, love it - our green kitchen remodel will make an enormous difference.  

~J. & E. F., South Plaza, Kansas City, MO