Building Your Team (and we can help!)


It's very confusing for some of our Clients: when considering a larger remodel project such as an addition or expansion, how to bring together a team of Professionals to help achieve the goal?

A short answer is simply this: let us help.  On some of our more complex residential projects (Additions, etc), we're often working with the client to pull together a 4-person team: our Clients, the Architect, the Interior Designer, and ourselves (Remodeler) - and sometimes even a separate Space Planner or Kitchen Designer.   

I'd simply recommend these important guidelines when executing this team effort to successfully bring your dreams to life:


1 - Agreement on the overall goals and the method of achieving them - and trust the Professionals to help clarify those goals;

2 - Clarification regarding how the relationships work and who's responsible for what (often our Client's are confused how it works - and sometimes so are the pros!);

3 - Honest and frequent communication regarding responsibilities and expectations of all parties - especially between the professionals;

4 - One point-person who summarizes meetings and outlines what the next steps are (and who's responsible for which steps).  Without a summary and clearly listed next steps, it quickly devolves into confusion.


The challenge in a group dynamic is often staying focused on the goal, effectively delegating responsibilities, tracking who's doing what and when, and holding each other accountable.   We’ve found these steps minimize much (not all!) of the challenge and help lead to an enjoyable process and outcome.

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John Parkison
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green team building
Reply #1 on : Tue January 19, 2010, 17:32:46
Lyon: what's the best way to find truly qualified 'green' experts in the field; any qualifications or certifications we should look for?

Thanks -

 Thanks (Lyon Construction+Design)! Your Project Manager did an excellent job. I appreciate the way he stayed on the job until he finished. He is a very well organized man - a real pro! 

~B. B., Overland Park, KS