Green Kitchen Remodel

Green Kitchen Remodel

Lyon was contacted by a local environmental activist and green living expert to help plan and create a kitchen remodel for her family following green standards and desires as requested by the client.  This was a repeat client - Lyon having remodeled their master bath and completed other projects some time ago.

Their existing kitchen, with ancient metal cabinets, suffered from an extremely restricted traffic flow, poor lighting, and a header and support post standing stiffly and obstinately in the middle of the room from an earlier 'remuddle'... 

After discussions and planning, Lyon installed a load-bearing beam to allow for removal of the dividing header and posts, and reconfigured the location of range and other cabinets to open up the room.  This work was completed in conjunction with a home energy audit and energy conservation improvements Lyon helped complete, along with other home finish and maintenance improvements.

Green features include a refinished/reclaimed wood floor with water based finish, and recycled cabinetry and hardware from a previous kitchen at the home of a family friend.  The design specifically incorporated the size and type of those cabinets.  Other components included refurbished windows, compact fluorescent fixtures and bulbs, low VOC paints, and FSC Certified cherry wood countertops.

The goals achieved included efficient functioning of space and cabinetry, light and bright feeling in the room and home, a 'cottage' kitchen feel, and incorporation of green features - along with hitting a very tight budget.

In the words of our client; "Love, love, love it. (the kitchen remodel) will make an enormous difference".


 Your skilled craftsmen, able workforce, and knowledgeable contractor base all led to a beautiful product that has made our home a wonderful place to raise our children, spend time together, and entertain family and friends. 

~A. & K. Mitchell, Lenexa, KS