A colleague and I were recently invited to speak on the Karen Mills' ‘Living Large’ radio show.  Susan Prestia of Interior Directions, who co-designed our bathroom in the KC Symphony Alliance Showhouse, and I attended the panel discussion - moderated by Karen Mills.  The topic: Bathroom Design Trends

While we didn’t have time to go into much detail on air, here are a few observations I’ve noted from recent experiences, and from attending the National Kitchen and Bath Association annual tradeshow KBIS in Chicago a few weeks ago:

In terms of materials and fixtures, we’re noticing Brushed Nickel finish is as popular as ever, as well as fixtures with a more classic or streamlined look.  Stand-alone Soaker tubs are very popular (we’ve recently installed another one in a recent project), along with furniture–looking cabinetry for vanities and linen storage rather than typical vanity cabinets. 

Many of our clients are choosing beautiful but less expensive ceramic or porcelain tile rather than fussy stone – there’s a growing collection of wonderful options to choose from (and why pay more when you don’t always have to?!). 

More frosted or patterned glass doors for privacy are being utilized rather than clear glass.  Benches in the shower are as popular as ever too - and of course, recessed niches or shampoo shelves for out-of-the-way storage of bottles and such.

Finally - don’t overlook exhaust fans!  Granted, they're not a particularly sexy part of a bathroom remodel.  But, more powerful and quieter exhaust fans have been developed to move the steam and humidity out of the room more efficiently – preserving finishes and minimizing maintenance and cleaning... 




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