General Contractors - Can't Live Without Us?!

A clients' innocent comment recently made us realize we're not doing a great job of clarifying our place in the industry - or even the services we offer! 
Here's what she said when we were talking about the various jobs to be completed in and around her home related to an energy audit: "I didn't realize you could coordinate all that work for me!".  Even though we'd remodeled a Master Bathroom some years ago for them, and had done some other work at their home, these friends and clients just didn't understand the scope of a General Contractors responsibilities (and I apparently hadn't explained!).
Roughly speaking, General Contractors coordinate and supervise all aspects of the projects they're hired to complete.  This often includes employees and subcontractors labor, materials purchase and installation, and all other tasks related to 'getting the job done'.  What some people consider a simple kitchen remodel actually breaks down into somewhere between 100 and 1000 separate and individual tasks, many of which need to be sequenced.  The General Contractor's job is to coordinate and conduct that activity so the project is completed efficiently.
In the case of this Client, she just wanted some help interpreting and implementing some of the audit recommendations for her home.  This initially included insulation, window repairs, and completion of some other small projects.  When we started discussing the details of the individual tasks, however, she realized that the work would require 5 different subcontractors, 20 or more product selections and deliveries, and various other components.  What was thought to be a few simple tasks turned into a management exercise that these folks were unwilling and unable to commit the time to - and that's where we come in.
We've found this to be a good general rule - if your project has only one skilled trade working on it (room painting, faucet replacement, etc), a General Contractor is not required (although you could hire our Lyon Cub Small Projects division to handle it!).  But if it has 3 or more different trades, involves a large or important space in your home, or you actually have another job already!, then calling a General Contractor like Lyon is probably a wise investment.  Call Lyon - we'll help talk you through the options and you can decide for yourself!

 Love, love, love it - our green kitchen remodel will make an enormous difference.  

~J. & E. F., South Plaza, Kansas City, MO